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If you need more peace of mind, we have a plan for you.

Who has money to throw away on interest?

We are feeling the pinch at the pump, at the grocery stores, (pretty much everything has gone up in price).  Rising interest rates are affecting all types of lending, not just mortgages. The News Headlines are quick to point out the dip in house prices and rise in interest rates on mortgages but if you have consumer debt as well or are just living within your means today a restructure of your finances may be the answer.

Good news is we have weathered through; COVID, Flooding, Atmospheric rivers, fires, (to name a few).  Now we need a plan to continue to persevere through the next time of uncertainty,  supply chain issues, monkey pox, more natural disasters, WAR and of course Inflation. 

How is Inflation and rising interest rates going to affect your future?  

 As part of your financial planning team of professionals we are here to help you.

The News headlines:  Inflation is here, and we all doomed…..

The Math: Inflation is here but it is all relative as wages have also increased in many cases and as homeowners we have tools in our belt to alleviate the burden of finances. Inflation is not limited to costs of goods, wage inflation – the cost of people, is also running up an additional 3% which is on track to cover a tripling of interest rates.  

If you don’t have additional savings or income to stop the financial bleeding, a restructure may be the right option for you.  Each situation is unique, and we will take a look at your current mortgage and help you decide what would benefit you the most to set you up for the next few years while we work through these uncertain times. 
How to remain optimistic about your finances:

  • Have a safety cushion, pad your future with more certainty
  • Look to the numbers rather than emotion
  • Less emotion, more math
  • Talk to your trusted advisors about your financial future and get set for success and peace of mind

Ask Yourself??

Where are you getting your information from?

Are you acting based on fact or emotion?

What stories are we retelling?


If you have questions please reach out and let us help! 

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