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Tammy O’Callaghan and Carie Bissonnette partners at Harmony Mortgage Group are working together, sharing service and experience to every client with their thumbs on the pulse of the mortgage industry. Not your everyday average mortgage brokers, finding new ways to fit square pegs into round holes

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Carie Bissonnette

Before I became a Mortgage Broker I never thought about how valuable a mortgage broker’s job actually is.  A free service which ensures that you receive the best mortgage out there?  Why wouldn’t you use a mortgage broker? And to think the lender pays the broker for bringing in the business!!

I chose Dominion Lending Centres because it’s Canada’s fastest-growing national mortgage brokerage, with more than 1,400 mortgage professionals offering free expert advice across the country.

As a licensed mortgage professional with Dominion Lending Centres, I have access to more than 90 lending institutions, including big banks, credit unions and trust companies. I’m familiar with a vast array of available mortgage products – ranging from first-time homebuyer programs to financing for the self-employed to financing for those with credit blemishes.

have one simple goal in mind – to provide you with unbelievable service and the very best mortgage options to meet your specific needs.  What a rewarding profession.  I just love seeing the smiles on my client’s faces when they know they just got the best mortgage out there! Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to serving you soon!

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Carie Bissonnette

Phone: 604-703-8748


Tammy O’Callaghan

I have been a mortgage broker for going on 20 years now. I absolutely LOVE what I do. The satisfaction I feel when I have assisted clients with their mortgage planning makes coming to work each day a complete pleasure.

Whether you are purchasing your first home, assisting your kids with purchasing their first home or paying for post secondary education, refinancing to consolidate other debt or purchasing an investment or recreational property, I will be excited to help you.

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Tammy O’Callaghan

Phone: 604-845-0559


Not your everyday average mortgage brokers