Hot Hot Hot!
In a summer that will go down in the history books for being Hot Hot Hot in terms of 30+ degree weather with little to no rain,  it will also go down as the summer that saw a HOT Housing market after several years of sluggish sales.



Add to the already busy market, The Bank of Canada just dropped the interest rates again by another .25 of a point.  So if Canadians didn’t have enough incentive prior to now,  this interest rate reduction just may be the catalyst for those that should be considering an early term re-mortgage negotiation along with a huge buying incentive for those that have been considering a new home, investment or renovation.

As all of these consumer applications flood the finance market, the queue of mortgage requests are hitting wait times as high as 3+ weeks.  Closing dates are being pushed back and it is not uncommon in this market to hear of extension requests  due to wait times on finance approvals.

So how do you avoid this?  One way is to get ahead of the queue by applying online at Harmony Mortgage Group even before your initial appointment.  So we can process your applications and submit it to one of our many,  many lenders.  This way when you do make your way into our offices all of the paper work is already in the works and we are miles ahead of the other potential buyers as they seek traditional lending and land themselves in a long wait list for processing.

Working with a variety of private and traditional lenders we also have the ability to focus your application to specific lenders that will meet your specific lending requirements.  With a multitude of Mortgage Lenders working on applications instead of a branch account manager over worked and bogged down with requests we can get your financing secured faster.

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