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We are looking forward to scheduling a meeting with you!  First step is to complete our online application.  This gives us permission to review your credit as well as it allows us to see a snapshot of your current situation so we can advise you appropriately.  There is also a note section in which you can outline the details of what it is you would like to do and any details not outlined in the app you feel would help us to have a better understanding of your whole picture. 

Doing this allows us to use our time in appointment more efficiently so we can utilize the entire appointment to answer all the questions you may have.  It will also allow us to request the proper paperwork that we would require you to bring in to our meeting and discuss in detail.

It is pretty straight forward and no mandatory fields aside from an email address and your consent.  This is a secure application and we commit to a 1 business day turnaround for review.

We look forward to hearing more from you,

Harmony Mortgage Group Team